Photoville 'Climates in Conflict' panel out

For the first time in Photoville's six-year history they filmed all the talks that took place at St. Ann’s Warehouse during Photoville 2017, thanks to the generous support of PhotoWings. It's a great, free resource for anyone engaged with photography, and I'm excited to now be able to catch some of the panels I couldn't make that week.

As a holiday treat, Photoville is sharing two of these conversations -- including our Climates in Conflict panel -- and the rest of the talks will be released gradually over the coming months, starting in the new year. 

Laura Heaton and my conversation with Groundtruth founder Charlie Sennott explores how the major challenges of our time — migration, extremism, conflict over dwindling natural resources — have roots in climate change. From Afghanistan to Colombia and Somalia, environmental changes have dire implications for security and are harbingers of global risks to come. What’s being done to address these concerns? What more can be done? How can visual storytelling help?