Foreign Policy publishes "The Watson Files"

Finally holding a copy of "The Watson Files" - out in this month's Foreign Policy Magazine climate change issue! Along with my photos and archival images, and our short doc "A Climate for Conflict", Laura Heaton tells the story of an English scientist who decades ago led a groundbreaking climate adaptation effort in Somalia, a country that is among the most vulnerable to climate change — and to the conflict that often follows in its wake.

This story, and the links between the environment and security, have pretty well absorbed us both these last 18-months, and it's an amazing feeling to finally have this story out in the world. It feels especially poignant in the wake of Trump's insulting Paris Accord withdrawal - a decision as ignorant as it is nihilistic, and one that threatens all our fates.

Please pick up the magazine, or click here. So grateful to Rebecca Frankel, Adam Griffiths and Ty McCormick for believing in this project and giving it a home, and to The GroundTruth Project whose generous support brought our idea to life. 

"A Tiny Life Ends in South Sudan" on NYTimes Lens Blog

The death of a young boy tells the story of a humanitarian disaster in South Sudan's Upper Nile state, where at least 114,000 have fled violence at the hands of Sudan government forces in bordering Blue Nile state. 

"In the United States, we are used to death being behind closed doors, and to the privacy of grief. When people are living shoulder-to-shoulder, death becomes much more public, and in South Sudan, far too common.

The NYTimes Lens Blog highlights my recent work covering child mortality in South Sudan.