'Climate for Conflict' film screening at New America

On May 30 Laura Heaton and I screened 'A Climate for Conflict', followed by a panel discussion, at New America in Washington, D.C., between 12-1:30pm.

Struggling with famine, drought, and violence, Somalia today is at a crossroads between a deepening crisis and a path to stability. Desperation is still driving people to crowded cities, refugee camps, or to the ranks of militant groups, even as a newly-elected government looks for a better way forward. 

If you missed the event, the livestream is available to watch here!

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Everyday Africa book launch

What a week! A big thanks from the Everyday Africa family to all you Nairobians who came out to make our book launch and exhibition opening such a success.


It was thrilling to see the community we’re all working to create, and big love to Ley Uwera, Tom Saater, Ricci Shryock, Jane Hahn, Barry Christianson, Ledi Emezi, Sam Vox, Nana Kofi Acquah, all the collective members there in spirit - and especially Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill - for sharing this journey. It's only the beginning.

If you haven't done so already, our book is available on Amazon and we're working to bring more copies to Kenya (sold out in an hour!). Photo by the veritably cool Tom Saater.

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The Economist's 1843 Magazine publishes "The Battle for Laikipia"

Daniel Knowles reports on the battle for Laikipia, with my images - out today in the Economist's 1843 Magazine.

"...For all of its gorgeous, “Out of Africa” setting, this fight is not a remnant of the age of empire. It is brilliantly, terrifyingly modern – a test of whether weak states can stand up to climate change, population growth and ethnic populism. It is being spurred on by extraordinary, perhaps unprecedented, social change. How it is resolved will hint at the future of Kenya’s society and environment."

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Kenya’s Tech Hub Gets a Makeover


Loved working with Matina Stevis on this Wall Street Journal story about how Kenya’s “Silicon Savannah” technology hub is retooling to put income before activism.

A homegrown African tech community is rising in this city: bootstrapped but profitable businesses using technology and the internet to solve commercial problems connecting the biggest names in tech and finance.

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/kenyas-tech-h...

The Global Gag Rule: America’s Deadly Export

“Murder does not mean just picking a gun or a knife and killing people,” Gbagbo said. “Denying someone their legitimate, rightful access to a service, as a health worker, is equally as murderous as killing someone.” This is exactly what he and the organization he works for fear the Gag Rule will do." 

Reporting from Ghana on the potentially disastrous and deadly impact of Trump's restrictive and free-speech-violating global health policies for Foreign Policy, with sensitive reporting from Jill Filipovic and fantastic editing from Rebecca Frankel and Adam Griffiths.

Source: http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/03/20/the-gl...

Women in Photography: 34 Voices From Around the World

Many thanks to TIME LightBox for including my work on this inspiring list of Women in Photography, and to the legend herself Susan White for the nomination. It's humbling to be listed alongside so many editors and photographers that I admire.


It's still a vastly unequal playing field in so many ways, but the camaraderie and mentorship of the photographers and editors from this piece and beyond (three cheers: Marie SumallaMarizilda CruppeAdriana ZehbrauskasBarbara DavidsonLynsey Addario) goes a long way towards making it less so.


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